How did start it?

The Alrayaan Funeral Services started as a simple funeral fund whereas needy families received funds to cover their funeral bill. The news would reach the community that a Muslim family was afflicted with a death of a loved one and that the family is unable to pay the funeral bill. So a group of blessed brothers and sisters would donate hundreds of dollars at a time to take care of that funeral bill. We saw that the people of the Jewish faith had a Hebrew Free Burial Association and we know that we can work towards this goal and greater, InshaAllah.

How can we solve this problem?

As mentioned before, a group of Muslim Coordinators joined together to provide these funeral services for an extremely low price brothers and sisters have been donating large amounts to the funeral fund, but this is burdensome and very limited on the amount of help the community can receive.

What happens if there isn’t a fund for the Muslims to receive free funeral services?

Many Muslims are left in hospitals, nursing homes, and the likes for months without a single person to care for them when they die. So the city will either bury them without a Ghusl (wash), Kaffan (shroud), Salaatul Janazah (funeral prayer), in a non-Muslim burial ground, in a way they see fit; or they will cremate them. May Allah protect us, Ameen.

How can it grow?

As the cases of needy families grew, more brothers and sisters donated to support them, resulting in a surplus of donations to care for future funeral cases with families in need. Later, the simple funeral fund turned into a larger funeral fund (similar to a Bayt-ul-Maal for funerals only) by which multiple funerals are done free of charge to the families for the time that the donations allow.

What is the vision of Alrayaan Funeral Services?

Our vision is to provide a system for the Muslim communities by which they would be completely cared for at the time of a funeral for them or their loved ones. Primarily, to make sure no Muslim is left behind or buried without a proper Janazah according to the Qur’aan and Sunnah. And more so, to provide this service without the expensive costs of funeral homes and cemeteries.

How does my contribution help?

With the experience of a team of Muslims who have worked with Funeral Homes in NY and NJ for close to a decade, we have decided to join together to form this project to assist the surrounding communities throughout their funerals. Through the donations of many brothers and sisters MashaAllah, The Janazah Program will be fully capable of providing all necessary assistance to families at the time of death, including financial, Alhamdulillah.

Considering the expenses of Funeral Home fees, we have brought together the donations of brothers and sisters from all over to meet the average funeral home costs.

You assist in the following:

  1. An enormous reward each and every day a fellow Muslim receives funeral assistance. (Read Hadeeth below and understand that through your donations you would be rewarded as that person.)
  2. To provide the entire surrounding Muslim families and communities with a Free Janazah.
  3. A tax deductable donation receipt. (To make donations easy and receive back funds from your taxes)
  4. Immediate support at the time of death of a fellow Muslim.
  5. Experienced funeral guidance through the entire duration of the funeral session.
  6. Free advice and consultation regarding questions, requests or suggestions pertaining to Burials or Shipping bodies in Islam.